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    One Stop Auto Care is an auto repair shop located in Hayward, CA, that offers customers a variety of car maintenance and repair services. No matter the make or model, our car repair shop will get your ride back on the road.
    We take pride in the quality of our work and always strive to achieve customer satisfaction. Our team is experienced in domestic and European car repair, so your car is covered no matter where it comes from.
    We offer professional maintenance and repair services at a reasonable price. Customers are welcome to call (510) 473-1200 to ask for a quote or speak with a mechanic.
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Our Services

Tune up
Auto Tune Up Service

Auto tune-up service is necessary to prevent the components of your car from deteriorating or malfunctioning. Our Hayward, CA, location offers customers a wide range of tune-up services at reasonable prices. Don't wait for tragedy to strike, have your car serviced today.

Auto computer diagnostic

Diagnostics tests are used to pinpoint what components of your car are hindering its performance and efficiency. If your car diagnostics do reveal a problem, we'll notify you right away and discuss options for repairs. Call (510) 473-1200 to have your vehicle tested today.

Brake service
Brake Repair

For reliable brake repair in the Hayward, CA area, come to One Stop Auto Care. Our mechanics will inspect your vehicle in the brake shop and notify you if they identify any problems during the repair process. We get repairs done right the first time so you can have peace of mind on the road.

Auto Detailing

Maintaining a car requires more than simple mechanical adjustments and replacements. We can make your car look as good as it runs with auto detailing services. You won't recognize your vehicle after it receives a car detailing at One Stop Auto Care.

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